New Purpose for Casting Tape

New Purpose for Casting Tape

I’d like to talk about something I came across a few weeks ago. Due to an accident leading to a broken wrist the ingenuity of glass fiber casting tape came to my attention. Never having had the need for a cast, the technical development in this field passed by me.

Googling yielded the product in question: 3M ScotchCast Plus Casting Tape. You briefly soak it in water; then it becomes sticky, while still soft and pliable. Within minutes it hardens and dries and becomes a solid shell.

It immediately struck me that this might be a great material to be used in the lab, e.g as part of a jig to hold equipment, or in any other kind of structural role. I haven’t found the right project for this material, yet, though. However, I think it’s pretty cool and I wanted to share that with you.

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