Importing Kratos Vision2 DSET Files into CasaXPS

Importing Kratos Vision2 DSET Files into CasaXPS

In our lab we use CasaXPS for data processing like quantification and depth profiles. It is a very powerful software with lots of features to suit everybody’s XPS needs.

CasaXPS’s native file format is VAMAS, a standardized file format for spectroscopy applications. CasaXPS offers several import filters for most XPS manufacturers. It does not accept the .dset files created by Kratos Vision2, though. In order to get the Vision2 data into CasaXPS they have to be converted into .kal, a file format recognized by the CasaXPS data importer.

I very convenient data converting tool can be downloaded from the CasaXPS website, under . Choose Convert a directory of dset file to kal on a PC Platform to download a zip file containing a single executable. This executable must be run on the computer where Vision2 is installed, as the tool utilized dump_dataset.exe that comes with Vision2.

Kratos Data Convertion Tool

Click on Browse for dest Files to get to a file dialog. Choose any one .dset file in the folder (at this point it doesn’t matter which). You’ll see a list of available .dset file in the chosen folder.

Files available for conversion

You can now either click Convert ALL to .kal ASCII or highlight the data files you want to convert and click Convert Selection to .kal ASCII. The files will be converted into .kal and saved in the same folder as the originals. It is important that none of the chosen files are still open in Vision Processing. If they are the conversion will not work and the file size will show 0 kB!

Once the files are converted into .kal open up CasaXPS and click on Files->Convert.

Select Files->Convert to import data to CasaXPS and create a .vms file

A file dialog will open to choose the file to import. CasaXPS load the data and saves a .vms file in the same folder as the .kal. From now on you work with the .vms (VAMAS) file within CasaXPS.

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