Analyzer Power Supply Problems

Analyzer Power Supply Problems

Ever since I set up and tested the Kratos Axis Ultra DLD in our lab I noticed infrequent fluctuations in signal intensity, especially right after starting a scan. This manifested itself by sudden intensity drops to zero while doing a survey scan. Some days later the smell of smoldering electronics filled the lab. I already suspected the analyzer power supply, so I opened it for inspection.

It turned out one of the high voltage reed switches failed and current leaked out, slowly destroying the device. The reed switch in question (second from the top in the picture) controlled the V2 lens voltage, V2 being the lens below the aperture of the electrostatic lens column.

The manufacturer of the reed switch was easily identified as Pickering Electronics, located in the UK. The part number (also printed on the side) was 60-1-A-5/2 . Once the part arrived our electronics shop was able to replace it within a day. The analyzer unit works flawlessly so far.

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